Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

Comments on Petras/Abayas harsh critic on the US/EU war against Libya

First of all I would like to strongly recommend this article by James Petras and Robin E. Abaya The Euro-US War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions of Critics. The link is here.

I want to make two supplementary  points:

1) Oil is also a 'military' weapon. Some days ago I reminded the Tlaxcala community of the fact that it was the USA that de facto declared war on Japan by cutting all oil support lines. So Pearl Harbor was only an answer which the Japanese were in their full right to give. But it's not often spoken about.
Naturally the US don't and can't use all the oil they control for themselves. If they now get the Libyan oil too the Yankees get an even more stronger grip at the throat of the Europeans. So they will oblige even more rapidly than usual. This those stupid guys like Sarkozy, Camaron etc. from their point of view in the ass of the beast can't see. 

So the US-strategy has been now for a long time to control the oil from the well over the pipelines, the shipping routes to the port of destiny and the consumer. Naturally this makes sense for a superpower.

2) The authors give as the main reason for attacking Libya that Gaddafi
was not fighting with them side by side. This is quite a weak argument I would say. Some squads from a little country like Libya will not make a big difference. I think there is another point jumping in the eye and maybe therefore it's not seen. Look - the US was in trouble; their fantastic CIA, FBI and all the rest fed with billions of dollars had not the slightest idea of what was going on in the Arab world - so the US was taken by surprise. In a hurry they tried to fence in the fires but it didn't really work - the fire spread to the Gulf, to Jemen, even to Saudi Arabia. Now God send a sign - some guys in Libya also tried an uprising (certainly there were some sincere democrats but they were a far cry from the movements in Tunisia, Egypt etc) and the full power of the media was brought in - supported by - surprise, surprise - Al Jazeera and the 'LEFT'. A real gift from above. Now the focus shifted nearly 100% to Libya and all the rest was forgotton.
And the Yankees loved it - they love when the 'Left', the 'Humanitarians' cry for help. Now the could show that they are really the good guys. And so it went as it went.
It's exactly the same thing that Jan Myrdal describes in his new book 'RED STAR OVER INDIA'. The Indians were fighting the Naxalites for forty years without a mayor success. So they begged the Americans to come and help against the 'terrorists'. Oh, with pleasure. If the biggest 'Democracy on Earth' is begging for help then we are on the right side. And as Jan Myrdal points out the Indians will get help from the Western 'Left' too. The Indian Government has only to tell them: "We want to develop the country! We want to bring progress to the backward Adivasis and Dalits (the indigines and untouchables), development, education, but they don't know their own best. And the Maoists - those terrorists you know - are agitating them against us." So naturally the 'Left' will take the side of the 'progressive' Indian democracy. And to hell with these indigenes, these barbarians who kill innocent people (=soldiers) and burn schools (which the government rarely built).
But in the end the Americans will prevail. The Indians believe they are making a good deal. They are stupid because of their racism. They don't know what the Americans are thinking of them - the same what they themselves think about their people - mofussil. pack, idiots, blackies.

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