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Syria: The fall of the Gangsters Command Center Baba Amr in Homs after displacing Christians

Letter from Adibisk 020312

The fall of Baba Amr after displacing Christians from Homs Special sources advised Top News, that the Syrian Arab Army fully controlled Baba Amr Neighborhood- in Homs - Syria after all armed men surrendered, among who there were 600 Syrians, 118 other Arabs and 26 from various foreign nationalities.
The army captured the central operation room, which contained some of the most sophisticated communications equipment of US and British sources that are directly connected satellites. The army also found French and “Israeli” made rockets of various types and calibers including anti armored vehicles.

Two days after targeting churches, armed men of “Al-Farouk Battalion” drove the remaining Christians from “Al-Hamidiah” and “Wadi Al-Sayeh” and threw out of truck 68 corps Translated by: Adib S. Kawar Brussels, Al-Haqiqah: More information and details arrived concerning the 68 corps found Wednesday Feb. 29th to the West of Homs.

United Press International said that opposition armed men threw out of a truck on the road between Homs and Tartous (on the Syrian Mediterranean shore), and that 14 other corps were also found. API added through its sources that “An armed terrorist gang threw yesterday 47 hand cuffed corpses in the “Khirbet Al-Tein village” on the international road between Homs and Tartous. It added that “When the people approached the sight they found among the corpses a man still alive who was transferred to a hospital in Damascus (which is in a secure place)”. The armed gang also threw 14 corpses in Jober in Homs city in central Syria.

Al-Haqiqah pointed out in a report it published at an earlier time that the corpses were found in the territory between the villages of “Ram Al-Anz” and “Al-Ghajariah” to the east of Homs on the road to Tartous inhabited by a Moslem minority, “Khirbet Al-Tein” falls in the above mentioned territory as mentioned in our report. The corpses bear traces of gun fire shots from nearby, and cold steel wounds.
API said that armed gangs terrorized and displaced all what remained of Christian families in Al-Hamidiah neighborhood and Wadi As-Sayeh in Homs city, and added that the armed gang occupied Christian owned homes in the above mentioned neighborhoods, who moved to Ziedel town to the east of Homs.

Al-Farouk battalion gang, which belongs to the so-called “Free Syrian Army”* run by French and Turkish intelligence, had targeted 0n Feb. 28th a number of churches in Al-Hamidiah and its surroundings by mortar bombs. *(It is well known that the FSA if manned mostly of “Moslem Brother Hood” and “Salafis”)

Adibisk translated the text from Arabic.

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