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Gang rape by 7 new immigrants on Swedish woman

Mousa Almllahi, chefredaktör av websidan framför här några förnuftiga argument i den här frågan. Och de skulle diskuteras på ett förnuftigt


Yesterday the 7 new immigrants from Afghanistan who raped a Swedish woman were sentenced to 5,5-6,5 years in prison and after that to be kicked out of Sweden for 15 years. The organizer, who is a well known criminal (down right), was the only man that is not going to be kicked out, as he came to Sweden 14 years old and is a citizen. One man was not sentenced because of too little evidence.

The crime is one of the worse in Sweden, when it comes to brutality against a woman. She was raped during all night – all over – and had to go to hospital after, and later to psychiatric treatment. She had to use a rolling chair one month after the gang rape.

The verdict is very well documented by DNA from sperm, and the consistent and truth worthy story by the woman, which fits the DNA-analyses. The stories from the men did not fit with each other, as they had no chance to talk together and make up just one story, and not with the DNA-analyses.

In Sweden mainstream media is obviously trying to give as little publicity as possible to this horrifying crime, and are more interested in attacking different Swedish nationals for making politics of what happened. The nationals claim that all is a result of mass immigration, and that this is destroying Swedish ethics and culture, and in the end Swedes as an ethnic group or people.

The nationals, here (anti-Zionist), here (anti-Zionist), and here (Zionist) who are the only to cover this horrible crime with full information, also claim that what happened is racism against Swedes and for this mainstream media calls all of them “racists” or "Nazi" even those who think that all ethic groups or people have the same right to live and that none should be superior.

As a Palestinian I am proud to be a Palestinian, and I do not want our people to be destroyed by mass immigration of Jews or any other people. When we get our country back we will welcome people from other parts of the world, but not in a way that destroy our country. They cannot be too many, and they will have to adjust – not necessarily assimilate – to our culture. Palestinians have during history had different religions, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and more, and lived in peace together. Before the Zionist Jewish settelers from Europe and US stole our country.

I think that mainstream media in Sweden is acting counterproductive in this matter, as everybody in Sweden knows about the problems of mass immigration, but dare not talk about it because of being looked about as “extremists”, “Nazis” or the like, when many only care about their own country and people. The best thing I think is an open discussion about the problems.

And why not work against the criminal neo-colonial wars that have a big part in the problems of mass immigration in Western countries, instead of participating in them?

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