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Never fascism again? We're in the middle of it!

This article was written almost 10 years ago. He seemed exaggerated to some people at the time, but reality shows us that he was rather understated. Since many new and, above all, younger readers have been added to this list, I think it is important to publish this article again. And this time even in English.

Never fascism again? We're in the middle of it!

Einar Schlereth
Published 2009 by Tlaxcala

This article was written almost 10 years ago. He seemed exaggerated to some people at the time, but reality shows us that he was rather understated. Since many new and, above all, younger readers found their way here, I think it is important to publish this article again.

In view of the Nazi and fascist phenomena, intellectuals from the left-wing and left-wing liberal spectrum were not only aware that it could have appeared in this or similar forms in other countries too, but also that it could have reappeared if necessary. If necessary means, if the ruling monopoly capitalist-imperialist class feels threatened and its privileges sufficiently threatened to have to resort to these or similar methods. The constantly heard warning shout "Never more fascism!" had the consequence, however, that they stared hypnotized at the appearance of swastika, National Socialist slogans and skinheads and did not notice how de facto "fascism" spread again and is now firmly established in the middle of us. And by "in the midst of us" I mean the "free" West or the highly industrialized countries led by the United States of America (USA). [1]

In order to exclude errors, I would like to quote the usual bourgeois definition of fascism according to Meyer's Great Pocket Encyclopaedia of 1987: "The ideology was characterized by antimarxism, anti-liberalism, militarism and exaggerated nationalism." According to the same source, "fascism, according to the Marxist view, constitutes a new kind of fascism applied in bourgeois democracies in economic or political crisis situations. Fascism makes it possible to dismantle workers' parties and trade unions, reduce labour costs and increase profitability". Another characteristic of fascism is the principle of leadership, mass party and one-party state. However, this is, as will be shown, of secondary importance. There is no problem without these principles, and the United States is the best example of this. It is not for nothing that Hitler saw the USA as a role model in many respects.

The USA, along with Russia and Australia (Canada as a quasi 51st state of the USA, you don't have to mention it) is the country that was not decolonized after the upheavals of World War I and World War II. The reason is simple: the poor, disenfranchised, partially religiously persecuted people of the Old Continent have dedicated themselves to the extermination of the rightful owners of the New Continent for centuries with such devotion and dedication that hardly any remains. They were thus able to take over an entire continent, i. e. in good German stealing. One of the great mysteries of history is how a state can continue to devote itself to the Holocaust with impunity and at the same time be celebrated as a democracy and constitutional state.

For the rest, Holocaust is not my formulation for the extermination of untold Indian peoples, but that of Leslie Marmon Silkes, author of "Almanac of the Dead" [2]. When Leslie Marmon Silko was attacked at her reading in Hamburg by a - of course white - listener in the ensuing discussion because of her inadmissible wording, she asked: "Why, because we are red?“

But that is the case: Every woman/everyone who criticizes the USA must expect attacks, slander, silence or even the worst. Rolf Winter, former editor-in-chief of Stern and Geo, wrote the book "Ami go Home - Pleading for the Farewell to a Violent Country" [3], in which he proved that the USA is "inherently violent". In a public discussion in Hamburg, the former mayor of Hamburg, Schulz, did not denigrate himself to mention the weekly 5 plates and the chocolate bar in the school meals after the war for the goodness of the USA. Of course, he refused to answer factual criticism. He didn't and no one else did. The book was largely hushed up by the media. It was still sold well.

And that brings us to two key concepts: the media and their state-run role and despite of this. This despite of the state, despite of the violence, despite of the judiciary, despite of the church, despite of he university and school, and - often enough - despite of parents gives us a glimmer of hope (the liberation movements in the 3rd world, 1968, today's global anti-globalization movement, etc.).


Migrators of the ultra-right Flemish party Vlaams Belang demonstrate in Cologne against an anti-Fa demonstration that itself was directed against an anti-Islamic demo. The anti-fascists think they are the real anti-fascists... As far as Ignazio Silone is concerned, he was indeed a very strange "socialist": in his early years as a socialist and later as a communist, he was also a police spy. In his later years, as a "free socialist", he was chairman of the Italian Association for the Freedom of Culture (the Italian branch of the Anticommunist Congress for Cultural Freedom) from 1952 to 1969, and head of the magazine Tempo Presente (Italian counterpart to The Month in West Germany). Both were financed and controlled by the CIA...

The mass media - in particular the press, radio and television - are widely considered to be a sort of counterbalance to state omnipotence. However, this view has been exposed time and again as a myth. To give you just a few examples: As early as 1866, Heinrich Wuttke published the book entitled "Die deutsche Zeitschriften und die Entstehung der öffentlichen Meinung" [4], in which he exposed the decay of the German and Austrian press and its connection with advertising. In 1918, Upton Sinclair wrote his monumental work "Brass Check", which was published in 1919 and 310,000 copies were sold within a year. And it was sold, even though, like his earlier work "The Profits of Religion", it was hushed up by the entire American press. "Brass Check" was translated into German by Prof. Dr. J. Singer and published in 1921 in an abbreviated form under the title "Der Sündenlohn" in Leipzig. I cannot say anything about the success or failure of this edition, only so much: Although the high American editions show that the book was read eagerly in the underground, it is as good as unknown even among intellectuals on both sides of the Atlantic to this day.
After that, the flow of radical media criticism continued unabated. Among the most important critics are Günter Anders, Noam Chomsky, Eduardo Galeano, John Pilger, Neil Postman and many others. [5]

But reality shows that the alternative media in which the truth was (and is) given a chance were (and are) of marginal importance at all times. The media monopolies that have existed for more than 100 years (the Hearst, Huck, Hugo Stinnes, Springer, Murdoch & Co.) have with God and above all the state's help and with the methods of defamation, concealment, blackmailing, murder and manslaughter eliminated, rendered harmless or void and ineffective all opposition opinions.
Berlusconi, gesehen von paolo lombardi (5 ist der Name eines seiner Fernsehkanäle)
Once, however, there was a qualitative leap. After the Russian October Revolution, there have been attempts in Europe and many other countries of the world to create a genuine opposition and a genuine alternative media landscape to be taken seriously (in Germany, for example, the "Münzenbergkonzern"). However, this was done in connection with oppositional mass movements, which became particularly strong in Germany. And so the above-mentioned crisis situation was given.
The international bourgeoisie (i. e. high finance and industry from Wallstreet and Ford to the German chemical, steel and financial magnates) in union with the high nobility and petty bourgeoisie cultivated the housepainter from Austria (in Italy it was Mussolini, in Spain Franco, in Portugal Salazar), who then came up with lies, hypocrisy, slander, threats, and rapped hard the German working population. And yet he suffered a severe defeat in the last "free" elections in 1932 (two million votes lost), and the reins had slipped out of his hand by a hair. Hindenburg was the savior out of trouble, who handed over the chancellorship to this foreign criminal.
As is well known, he solved the problem of the opposition with murder, manslaughter, concentration camps and mass destruction. If, however, he had dedicated himself to the destruction of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party alone, in accordance with his mandate, no cock would have croaked after the millions of murdered Jews, democrats, gypsies, gays and communists.
At the end of the Second World War, the USA stood in the "free West" as the economic and political power and, in terms of world politics, as a superpower. [6] And henceforth, the completely different methods of exercising power, which had been tried and tested in the USA for a long time, were applied. All oppositional organisations, whether political, trade union, ethnic or cultural, have always been thoroughly monitored and infiltrated. Talented and capable guides were "bought in" or accused, imprisoned or murdered for flimsy reasons. Among the famous murders are "Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance"(Häuptling Büffelkind Langspeer) [7], the first West Point Indian graduate to return home from World War I, who wrote the history of his life and people and took up the fight for the rights of his people; Joe Hill, the dedicated singer of Swedish descent; Sacco and Vanzetti, Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers to name but a few. For instance, according to a recent investigation, ten death sentences in the United States still lead to seven murders of justice.
On the other hand, the media in the United States has always exercised enormous power, a power in the service of the state. The American people are subjected to a constant, tireless brainwashing, the aim of which is to eliminate all independent brain activity. To the mixture of washing powder is added a good portion of bible extract, a good whitener and softener (copied from the Jewish people): "We are God's chosen people". This is very practical, because: Can God's chosen people be bad, do something bad, think bad at all? Of course not. "It is quite clear that the myth of uniqueness brought with it the myth of superiority," writes historian Henry Steele Commager of Columbia University, NY. [8] And just like the Old Testament people, the American people have been on the warpath from the very beginning, exterminating one nation after another with women, children and the elderly - for the greater glory of God, as it is written. The permanent state of war continues to this day.

American Progress, work by John Gast (1872), an allegory of the "Manifesto Destiny": Columbia, the embodiment of the USA, leads civilization to the west at the head of the settlers by creating telegraph lines, with fleeing wild animals and Indians, who are probably afraid of the book (bible, constitution, penal code or real estate book?) in the hands of the goddess.

The "war" against the Indians lasted almost 300 years. I quote Rolf Winter once again:"The settlers - heroes of the nation and hereditary heroes of their values to this day - civilized with the weapon and carried out the "manifest destiny", i. e. penetrating and taking possession of the semi-continent, with cold-blooded determination. They anticipated Hitler, whose "providence" was a late equivalent of the "manifest destiny" and whose barbaric treatment of other races was a copy of the treatment of the Indians by the white European/Americans. As the French historian de Riencourt wrote, they "pushed aside all the people who stood in their way" as if they had already marched to the lyrics of Nazi songs, and yet another quote from Winter: "It is possible that no other factor had such a brutalising influence on the American character as the wars against the Indians. The norms of these wars were more barbaric than those of the wars of Western Europe." [9].
The conclusion: Of the approximately 18 million Indians, only 5% survived at the end of the war (1890), or 360,000 people.
But these 300 years of extermination and robbery were far from over when the Gringos began to turn their desirable glances to the wider environment and started waging "real" wars. During the Mexican War (1846-48) Mexico was robbed of one third of its territory (of course, the Indians were robbed by the Spaniards). In 1848, the southern part of Oregon, today's Washington, Idaho and parts of Montana as well as Alaska) were "taken care of" in disputes and fraud against Spain, Russia and Great Britain. In 1819 Florida was "taken away" from the Spaniards. In 1854, Japan was forcibly opened up to American trade. In 1852, the Monroe doctrine was formulated, which, among other things, declared all of Latin America to be the "American backyard", which resulted in countless American interventions. 1898 war with Spain: Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam is annexed, Cuba declared protectorate. In 1903 Colombia was robbed of Panama etc.
During the First and Second World Wars, the USA continued to strengthen its political, military and economic supremacy. And since the end of World War II, the United States has carried out extremely serious interventions (or wars) in 70 countries, including China, Korea, Vietnam and most recently Iraq and Afghanistan, to name but a few. [10]
It may be difficult to find only one year without war in the 400-year history of the United States (starting with the Pilgrim Fathers). Winter's wording of the "incapable of peace" imperial power is thus fully justified.
When in 1989, after countless interventions, obstructions, undermining, terrorist attacks, media smear campaigns, the goal of destroying the USSR, which had been envisaged since 1918, was finally achieved, the arbitrariness, self-assertion, arrogance, threats, acts of violence, violation of national and international laws and disregard for the international community took on monstrous forms.
First of all, a new world enemy number one was created in no time at all, a new "kingdom of evil" was constructed - Islam or the Umma, i. e.. the Islamic international community. Anti-Semitism was once again put into the system (who should not know: the Arabs are Semites and the Jews are a brother people). A smear campaign of unimaginable proportions was spurred on by the USA, into which almost all western media tuned in unison.
And in 1991 it was time. The first war was started by Bush Senior. The victim was Saddam Hussein, who had been supported directly beforehand against the Iranian arch-enemy. Suddenly a man of Hitler's "format", who was stupid enough to run into the open knife of the USA. He had summoned the American ambassador and knocked on the bush to see if there was anything in Washington that would have been against the occupation of Kuweit. The answer was: NO.
Even though this news was only broadcasted once and then disappeared for ever, it was still well known in all state chancelleries all over the world. Nevertheless, almost all statesmen and (almost) all media accepted the occupation of Kuweit as a reason for war. This flirtation of our statesmen and the Journaille mocks every description, but should be surpassed by far in post-war attitudes and "war-reporting" and post-war attitudes. This wasn't a war, it was a remote-controlled slaughtering of soldiers and civilians. Nevertheless, the "journalists" drooled and wet their pants with joy at the "successes" and the "courage" of the Gringo soldiers. Even ordinary people and so-called leftists became ardent Hurra-US patriots overnight.
After this success and the unrestricted support of the international community and the comprador bourgeoisies of the 3rd world, the USA was able to devote itself calmly to the preparation of the next tasks. Quite all the international treaties that stood in the way of their interests were thrown into the wastebasket [11]. Figures such as Brzezinski [12] determined the further marching route to consolidate the absolute supremacy of the USA. Above all, in view of the dwindling energy supplies, it is important to gain control of the remaining resources and their access routes. Especially in South America and Central Asia.
The first option was the Balkans. There, all the former Eastern bloc states had thrown themselves whorishly into the arms of Western capital and NATO, all but Yugoslavia. The EU - above all Germany, which for years has been in the forefront with the help of Ustascha's undermining - the USA and NATO embarked eagerly on the destruction of Yugoslavia and its democratically elected government. International law, UNO, human rights - everything was pushed aside sovereignly, once again the medial steamroller was used to prepare for the deployment of the US Air Force. And once again everything went like clockwork. Everyone was marching and finally the Germans again, what the former green pacifists had made possible. Yugoslavia was shredded and bombed 100 years into the past, but the pipeline to the Caspian Sea was free. It was worth fighting for this freedom.

At the same time, political, social and military conflicts escalated in Latin America. It was boiling from Mexico to Argentina, and the USA had its fingers in every pot, just as it had since Bolivar's times.
In the south of Colombia, new, extremely rich oil wells have been discovered, unfortunately located in the area controlled by the FARC (the largest liberation movement in the country). Thus, a slanderous campaign is being launched against the FARC, which for 30 years has been striving for political independence from American patronage and social justice, and, already in Clinton's term of office, a "care package" has been put together that contains billions of dollars, advanced weapon systems, military advisers and pilots, allegedly to combat the drug mafia.

Word has got around, however, that the drug mafia is only of secondary importance. The truly guilty parties are the consumer countries, i. e. the highly industrialised countries and above all the USA. The so-called war on drugs has not led to the slightest reduction in drug use, but the exact opposite. It is also well known that the Colombian government, its gangs of manslaughterers and American soldiers are deeply involved in the drug trade and are also among the worst human rights violators. But the Western press is slavishly praying after what the White House and CIA spokespersons have preached. And since then, the war against the Colombian people, especially the poorest of the poor and the minorities (U'waa) [13] has been escalating day by day. [14]

In Ecuador, the powerful CONAIE (Association of Indigenous Peoples) together with the impoverished masses and progressive military forces in a peaceful revolution overthrew the government that had sold the country out to the United States and set up a Revolutionary Committee. Barely 24 hours later, in response to strong pressure from the United States (you can imagine what kind of pressure it was), this committee had to leave and the vice-president Noboa took over, who is continuing the old policy.
In Bolivia, the totally impoverished rural population is driven into naked despair. The protest marches and hunger marches are answered with bullets and torture.
Argentina is being driven into bankruptcy by the WMF. The formerly strong middle class is largely pushed to the edge of the subsistence level. Three governments are overthrown, but like in the Punch and Judy theatre, the Punch is always standing in its old place undamaged.
Mexico was forced to join NAFTA [15] and the mass of the people are in free fall in social terms. Thousands of them are trying to overcome the wall to the USA in search of work, many of them dying. Of course, we must not speak of those shots at the wall.
The list of countries affected by the US imperialism could be extended at will. The only glimpses of light are Cuba and, above all, Venezuela, where Chávez won landslide victories in the past elections. He has finally embarked on the land reform (amongst many other reforms) promised 100 years ago.
Of course, the USA is foaming with anger and is naturally preparing certain measures. Quite a few people predict for Chavez the fate of Allende. However, since Chavez is probably not as naive as Allende, this kind of problem solving seems to be associated with certain risks.
On the other side of the globe, more precisely in Central Asia, the seizure of lucrative oil fields is also making determined progress. Only the future transport proved to be problematic. The Western route from the Black Sea to Romania, Kosovo and Albania is considered the safest route for a pipeline, following the settlement of the Balkan question. But this one is expensive. The other and cheaper alternative would be the route through Afghanistan, if..... Well, if "reasonable" conditions could be created there. It has been said that the oil industry has given the American Government a kind of ultimatum. But following Brzezinski's argumentation, it was not necessary. The tasks of government and monopolies coincide, as John Pilger says. In any case, the American armed forces have been preparing for the invasion of Afghanistan since 2000.
At about the same time, if not sooner, all Western intelligence services will learn about planned terrorist attacks in the USA. And that's one of the darkest chapters in the history of the United States. The Secret Services were probably working together with the terrorists. The future will show how and in what form this "cooperation" took place [16]. It is conceivable that the deadlines could be coordinated in such a way that they coincided with the operational readiness of the armed forces. History repeats itself once again. The American President Roosevelt also knew about Pearl Harbor and did nothing [17]. This gave him the perfect pretext for intervening in World War II.[18]
Meanwhile,"elections" were held in the USA. These have always been a parody of democracy (with just under 50% turnout and an undignified bark between two parties, which could hardly be distinguished from each other, whose common denominators are always the millionaire candidates.), the past elections have mocked every description. Consequently, the "winner" of thinking people is not called "president elect" but "president select".
The "Winner" was only in office for a few months, when he was already counted out. The economy was experiencing a rapid downturn, social tensions were growing, foreign policy was in shattered form, and plenty of people were full with anger and abhorrence at the usurper.
The rescue was September 11th. Before that, the gigantic secret services of the USA with their billion-dollar budgets had supposedly not been aware of anything, but now, barely 48 hours later, the perpetrators and also the mastermind and also the country that housed him were suddenly known and therefore guilty [19]. However, a few weeks later, the most powerful war machine the world has ever known was set in motion against the world's poorest country, a country that has also fought 20 years of war against another superpower, and as a result of which it has gone through a civil war.
And overnight, the ZERO in the White House became a genius statesman. His threat "Whoever is not with us is against us" made almost all the world's heads of state crawl to the cross. The media were even more closely brought into line (again, another revolution is possible), and the war cry became deafening.
The first question I asked myself directly (and publicly) was: Cui bono. And from this point of view: they must have known it all. In our village I heard different voices the following day: "Now they are going to taste their own medicine" - "All my life I was waiting for it. - I guess they did it themselves." It is easy to imagine what the reaction of the billions of victims of the United States was in the rest of the world. [21] In any case, the real public opinion is diametrically opposed to the chatter in the media. In retrospect, my question above can be clearly answered: September 11th used only the United States and Israel - and of course Bush (and Sharon). And: The war against Afghanistan is not only illegal for lack of any evidence, but also a crime against humanity and humanity (as is the war against the Palestinian people).
One could ignore the universal and systematically remote-controlled media lies with a shrug of the shoulders if they did not have appalling consequences for all the peoples of the world. For imperceptibly we have been driven/pulled into a system that I can only call new-fascist (the neo-fascists are not new - they only spoon the old, warmed-up brown soup). I think that all the circumstantial evidence support this.
a) An all-dominating anti-Semitic and generally racist "ideology", the basis of which (not necessarily pronounced) is the white, Christian yardsticks of value [22].
b) Unlimited equalisation of the media to an unprecedented extent
c) Enforcement of US cultural imperialism
d) Unification of the opposition and its criminalization (FdgO laws, raster search [23], bullying of Swedish and British citizens on orders from the United States [24], more than 1000 American citizens arrested without charge, etc.).
e) Equalisation of trade unions. They are so corrupt and cowardly that in 100 years they have not managed to establish fundamental solidarity, such as equal pay for equal work for men and women and the right to work (the unemployment nowadays is a disgrace - f. ex. it could be solved overnight if only overtime were to be abolished).
f) The elimination of the UN and international law
g) Abolition of binding international treaties
h) Abolition of formal democratic rights [25]
i) the elimination of national sovereignty in the EU Member States [26]
j) Replacement of law and order by arbitrariness and naked violence of US imperialism [27]
k) Total deprivation of power and supervision of the individual in industrialized, western societies
l) Profits have risen to unprecedented heights, while wages have fallen (USA and the whole of the 3rd world) or have risen only marginally

As you can see, they don't give a straw for the symbolism of old fascism, for the mass parties or gigantic marches, for the simple reason that they no longer needs all this or because it has become obsolete (the mass armies). Nevertheless, the results are the same. And one has learned from the Catholic Church. She always gave a damn at whether someone really believes; the important thing was to be in the church and to pay.
Accordingly, you let the masses of people grumble and moan a bit, let them demonstrate a little bit, let them have one or the other media niche (a few leaflets with a few thousand copies or a local radio station that doesn't go beyond the next cow village), but above all give them "bread and games", whereas one forgets the bread more and more often. But as soon as a movement becomes too massive and its criticism too dangerous, it is criminally crushed and destroyed (see Seattle, Gothenburg, Davos, Genoa, etc.); as soon as leaders appear who are a real challenge and thus a danger for the established powers, they are imprisoned, exiled or murdered (Lumumumba, Mondlane, King, Malcolm X, Dutschke, Black Panthers etc.)
This situation will not change as long as we remain unaware of it as long as we are not aware of the dangerousness of US imperialism and of the bourgeoisie's danger in general and wherever. The bourgeoisie is no longer innovative these days, but repressive. She betrays her origins, her country, her people. She's rotten and corrupt to the core. In order to understand this and do something about it, we need not only consciousness, but also courage, determination and solidarity, the virtues that have been decisive in every movement since time immemorial. Solidarity not only within a nation with all those who are deprived of power, irrespective of race, gender or religion, but also solidarity with all the peoples of the world.
In addition, we could learn from Gandhi, for example, what the weak man can do against the strong man: he has to hit him where he feels the most painful - at his purse. Just as all English goods were boycotted in India at that time, we now have to boycott both US and Israeli goods. Under the motto: Not a penny to the US-American and Israeli "rogue" regimes [28] and not a penny for the armies.

[1] Es gibt durchaus bereits Stimmen, die das ähnlich sehen, z.B.:
Der Rufer in der Wüste schweigt - vergeblich war die Müh´ Der Faschismus kommt, der Bürger zieht sich mehr und mehr in seine heile Welt zurück und der Aktivist resigniert, schaut fasziniert/ungläubig zu oder seine Emotionen gehen mit ihm durch.
Noch nie ist ein faschistoides System mit so wenig Gegenwehr etabliert worden!
Diskussionsteilnehmer in Indymedia
[2] Rogner & Bernhard, München 1995
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”We are intellectual prostitutes."
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[18] The Pentagon has planned before in detail terror attacks on their own people:
Is Pentagon Behind the 9-11 Terrorism? American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
U.S. Terrorist General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, shown Jan. 9, 1957, was head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time the plans were drawn up and presented to the U.S. Secretaryof Defense.U. S. CITIES TO PROVOKE WAS WITH CUBA
U. S. Terrorist General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, shown Jan. 9,1957, was head of the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time the plans were drawn up and presented to the U. S. Secretary of Defense.
[19] NARCO NEWS published "The So-Called Evidence Is a Farce" by Stan Goff on 10.10.2001, who taught military science at West Point. In the article, Stan Goff disproves every single point of all official announcements from Washington as a blatant lie and pure bullshit.
[20] A further refutation can be found in the book of Dr. Andreas von Bülow "In the name of the state - CIA, BND and the criminal machinations of the secret services" (Munich 2002). S. a. the interesting interview with v. Bülow in the "Red Flag" of 14.2.02
21] John Pilgrims skript i "Green Left": One of Bush and Blair's oft-repeated lies is that "world opinion is with us". No, it is not. Out of 30 countries surveyed by Gallup International, only in Israel and the United States does a majority of people agree that military attacks are preferable to pursuing justice non-violently through international law, however long it takes. That is the good news.
[22] Racism is also ubiquitous in a country like Sweden. Alexandra Pascalidou is absolutely right to write that democracy and racism are incompatible (see her book "Bortom mammas gata").
[23] The Tyska Polisen's systematic "screening" of Muslim/Arabic and other students who can be suspected of "terrorism" continued in high schools and universities.
[24] Who's the war criminal? The Taliban people and the allegedly al-Qaida members are held in detention at the American base "Camp X-Ray" in Cuba, but there is no evidence against them. JOHN PILGER "On the lawlessness in the aftermath of terror wars".
25] See this informative interview with Gore Vidal, 29.3.2001
26] Sweden, for example, is forced to make its youth as legionaries available to US imperialism (see Jan Myrdal fib 2/2002)
28] A start has already been made in Norway. See: Classcampen mandag 25. february, 2002
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