Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

The documentary 'Submission' warns about chemicals in food and environment

This is a Swedish film but many of the experts and researchers are speaking English so you would get most of it (and with the help of Google). If you know media-people or media-freaks then push them to translate and/or place it whereever it is possible.

by Rune Lanestrand
17th of January 2012

A documentary on all the hundreds of chemicals that we have in our blood resulting from all the chemical substances we released during the last 70 years into the environment. The great old man of the Swedisch documentary focused on the biggest threat to humanity. Practical all allergies and most dangerous illnesses like cancer are based on these chemicals which our body can't break down. Especially sensitive are children. Look here.
  • Avoid pesticedes
  • Do you know what you eat?
I'm regarding the chemical multinationals as the most inconsiderate and criminal enterprises of our time. Not at last the GMO-conglomerates BASF and Monsanto.
Invite your friends and neighbors to look at the film and discuss it. Consider what you can do together for a cleaner environment with less chemicals. Start yourself with ecological gardening if you got a piece of land. Or start with some pots on your balcony or with a bit of your energy consuming lawn. Nobody can do everything. But many can do something.

German version

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