Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Japan: New Technology CAN Replace Nuclear Energy

by Einar Schlereth

8 of May 2012

This video shows that there exists an endless amount of energy without any risks and the technology is already on the market. This method seems to be the most effective one compared with this one, where hot water aquifers are tapped in depths of 2000 to 4000 m. But in this case the temperatures reach only 250°C.

As we can see here the under water rifts are running all along all the continents not too far from the coastlines – also along Japan – with thousands of super hot sources.

In any case it is incomprehensible how even nowadays, that statesmen and all the scientists in the thousands of research centers, either don't know or don't care to inform themselves about this already avaible energy source and therefore can't use it.

One should also expect that anti-nuclear activists will educate themselves better on this alternative energy sources and petition the politicians to act.
The enterprise that developed this technology is Marshall Systems. On their homepage you can get more information including a more in depth, comprehensive video.

Their technology was patented already in 2011: US Patent 8,001,784, published August 23, 2011

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