Dienstag, 8. November 2011

Dennis South Comments:

Libya’s Liberation Front Organizing in the Sahel
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Regarding the article by Franklin Lamb 'Libya’s Liberation Front Organizing in the Sahel'

The LLF would best be able to decided what route to take in Libya, of course. I just wonder about the route of elections. What does Al-Qaeda care about elections? What do the rats care about elections? What does the TNC's European and American masters care about elections? They don't even hold honest elections in their own countries. They use various tricks, including the computer-sabotage of voting machines, to steal elections from candidates that do not support the corporate agenda.

Elections? What international body will be respected by the rats and Al-Qaeda? How can any elections be held, when the rats will, no doubt, simply kill any "suspected" pro-Jamahiriya Libyan?

I understand, of course, that the rationale of the LLF entering candidates is so that it would not appear to be "un-democratic." But, the LLF had better listen to this: The masters of the TNC, i.e., Europe and America, are not going to stand for fair elections. They are going to do everything to assure that rats are elected.

They did everything to assure that the rats were imposed on Libya, including killing 90,000 Libyans, destroying all of the Libyan infrastructure, destroying Sirte, killing 30,000 blacks in Tawerga, raping women, dropping bombs for 8 months, non-stop. So now, are we to really believe that elections in Libya will be fair?

I wonder what "elections" Mao held. The Libyan people have to make their own decisions. But the Chinese won their liberation by physically pushing Chiang Kai-Shek out of China and to the Island of Taiwan. The Vietnamese won their liberation by pushing the U.S. out of Vietnam, militarily.

It is always extremely difficult to sit on the sidelines, in a comfortable chair, "running off at the mouth" about what the Libyan people should do. But I cannot help but register my opinion, based on the reality that we have seen for 8 months. Elections were already called for, many months ago, by the representatives of the Jamahiriya. Those calls for elections were ignored by the rats and by the northern countries, because elections are not the point for them. The only point for them is force. That's it. They control through force of arms, and nothing else.

God forgive me if I am wrong for issuing these cautions. But, Europe and the United States are headed by gangsters. Their governments are not legitimate governments at all. Their governments are criminal enterprises, led by thugs.

It is up to the LLF, of course. But, what happens if the LLF loses elections, based on fraud? President George Bush "won" an election based on pure fraud, and it is now common knowledge. If the U.S. government will perpetrate a fraud on 365,000,000 U.S. citizens, then what does the LLF think that the U.S. cares about 5 million or 6 million Libyans? Nothing.

It's time to dream, and it's time to make the dream come true, especially through the youth. There will be no safety for Libya until North Africa unites, despite tribal, philosophical, religious, racial, ethic, differences.

North African unity trumps so-called "elections" in a place where devils exist. I hope that Saharan unity is being discussed, within the LLF, as a political and military option.

The northern countries play hard. The northern countries do not give a shit about democracy. That has to be understood. Perhaps the only place on earth that cared about democracy was the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Long range goal? Unity. Short range goal? Unity. Total unity. There is no choice, and the formations need to begin now, and be maintained and strengthened to completion. I assume that they are beginning now.

The northern countries are making it clear what they are about. The notion of the "sovereignty" of North African countries has to be replaced by the notion of the sovereignty of the North African Union. The rule should be: If you jump on one, you jump on all. If you jump on Libya, you jump on Egypt, and Egypt will fight with Libya.

We all know how Muammar lambasted the Arabs for their back-stabbing disunity. But Muammar has not stopped hoping for that unity. This unity has to soon begin to be talked bout "in the streets" of North Africa; under the tents of North Africa. This must be the talk now: North African Unity and independence. Rely on each other; on Africa; on the socialist countries of South America. It is time--now!

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